Poolrite S Series Sand Filter Spares List

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Part # Description
9218 S-5000/ S-6000 / S-8000 Tank Clamp complete MkII
22199 S-5000/ S-6000 / S-8000 Valve Tank Gasket MkII
20431 S-5000/ S-6000 / S-8000 Swivel Lateral
9221 S-5000 Standpipe / Lateral Assembly MkII
9206 S-6000 Standpipe / Lateral Assembly MkII
9244 S-8000 Standpipe / Lateral Assembly MkII
22108 S-5000/ S-6000 / S-8000 Plumbing O-Ring
9268 S-9000 Mk4 Valve – Black 50mm
9248 S-9000 Mk4 Lateral Assembly
22135 S-9000 Mk4 O-Ring Praher Valve
21217 S-9000 Mk4 Clamp Band Complete – includes screws & nuts
20569 S-9000 Mk4 Union Adapter 2″ Black
22354 S-9000 Pressure Gauge
9252 S-9000 50mm Spider Gasket
22116 Valve O’Ring MKI