Browse our range of Spa Electrics Retro-Fit LED Lights below.


GKRX Retro Fit

  • Surface Mount Design
  • Replaces all major brand pool lights
  • Operates 12-32V AC
  • Available in Blue, White, Tri-Colour and MULTI Plus
  • Direct Connect
  • Simple Installation
  • Two brackets to suit any existing lights
Quantum WN Series

WNRX Retro Fit

  • Niche Mount
  • Simple direct replacement
  • Clear rim for MAXIMUM light dispersion
  • Plug top cable attachment
  • Vented Design
  • Available Colours: Blue, White, MULTI Plus
  • Replaces: Spa Electrics WN250, WN850, WN950 and Water Co Britestream

EMRX Retro Fit

  • High Intensity Ceramic Light Engine (LED) Technology
  • Replaces: PAL, AquaQuip, Spa Electrics, Waterco, Astral & More
  • Operates on 12v AC
  • Direct Connect Patented detachable electrical connection
  • Simple Installation
  • Available Colours: White, Blue, MULTI Plus

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