PENTAIR LEISURETIME II SAND FILTER- So clean, so clear. so easy

The Leisuretime II Fibreglass Sand Filter it the perfect high performance sand filter, it’s incredibly simple to operate and maintain and its built with long term reliability in mind.
Plus its highly efficient design provides all the clean, crystal clear water your pool requires, year after year.

How the Leisuretime II Sand filter works.

Pool water is routed through the sand filled pressure vessel. The sand or more often in today’s market, special glass media, traps particles so small they are undetectable to the naked eye. Over time, dirt accumulates in the spaces between the sand or glass particles, causing the pressure in the vessel to rise. This signals you to “backwash” the filter. Simply reverse the water flow and “knock out “the dirt.

  • Spun woven fibreglass construction for exceptional strength, chemical resistance and long life
  • UV resistant tank
  • Stainless steel clamp for corrosion resistance and allows 3600 rotation of
    Multi-port valve to simplify installation
  • Top diffuser ensures distribution of water over the top of the sand bed
  • Top mount, 6 function, 1-1/2’’/40mm multi-port valve features a pressure gauge, sight glass and manual air relief for optimal filtration efficiency.
    Large capacity models 25’’ up to 32’’ are available with a 2’’/50mm valve.
  • Internal design ensures that water is exposed to maximum sand surface area for superior filtration performance and efficient backwashing
  • 10 year pro-rata warranty on tank (terms & conditions apply)